Innovative technology against Corona: insensiv launches air purifier

Innovative technology against Corona: insensiv launches air purifier

Innovative technology against Corona: insensiv introduces air purifier

Intelligent air purifier with unique automatic functions demonstrably reduces virus concentrations

insensiv GmbH has developed an intelligent air purifier with unique, sensor-controlled automatic functions. Its modern technology offers even more safety and state-of-the-art comfort. Thanks to the automatic functions in combination with certified HEPA high-performance filters, the insensiv air purifier removes 99.95 percent of viruses and aerosols out of the room air. At the same time, it is no louder than a refrigerator even at full load.
With its high air circulation rate, the unit is particularly suitable for rooms of up to 200 m² in area. It is designed to minimize the indirect risk of infection with coronavirus in business, training or practice rooms. “We have leveraged our expertise in control and sensing technology to provide businesses, government agencies and other facilities with a solution specifically designed to meet the challenges of the Corona pandemic. Our air purifier is a useful addition to the recommended distance and hygiene rules,” explains Sales Manager Eike Linnenbrügger.

Almost virus-free air

According to the German Robert Koch Institute, aerosols contaminated with corona viruses indoors are one of the main transmission routes of COVID-19. Although the risk can be reduced by regular airing, this is often not practicable, especially in autumn and winter. The insensiv air purifier has been proven to filter at least 99.95 percent of tiny particles such as pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses from the air, thus minimizing the indirect risk of transmission of corona viruses via aerosols. To do this, the device uses dust and HEPA filters of classes H13 or H14 to clean the air, even in large rooms, usually six to seven times per hour. The effectiveness of air purifiers has recently been demonstrated by the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich in various studies.[1]

Unique automatic functions

The insensiv air purifier works with unique automatic functions. They provide additional safety and a new level of comfort. For example, the product independently measures the particle and aerosol concentration, the CO2 as well as the environmental gas content and optimally regulates the amount of air to be filtered. A presence sensor can control the automatic switching on and off of the device. In addition, the working intensity of the air purifier adjusts itself to the background noise in the room via an acoustic sensor. In addition, the operation can be secured via PIN and thus protected against unauthorized access.

Customizable design made in Bielefeld

The standard design can be customized on request. The air filter is produced in Bielefeld. The units have been in series production since autumn 2020 and can be delivered at short notice.
The most important data at a glance:

– 1500 m³ / h maximum air circulation rate for a room size of up to 200 m²
– filters up to 99.95 % of all suspended particles per dust & HEPA filter H13 (optional H14 for 99.995 %)
– quiet operation of only 55 dB under full load
– antiviral UV-C irradiation (optional)
– intuitive operation via 7 inch touch display
– compact dimensions: 142 × 74 × 70 cm
– automatic control of the power level adjustable by different sensors:

  • particle sensor
  • CO2 and environmental gas sensor
  • motion sensor
  • acoustic sensor

For more information:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Eike Linnenbrügger
Head of Marketing & Sales
Tel.: 0521 – 32 99 47 – 0


[1] “Können mobile Raumluftreiniger eine indirekte SARAS-CoV-2 Infektionsgefahr durch Aerosole wirksam reduzieren?“ Christian J. Kähler, Thomas Fuchs, Rainer Hain, August 2020, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Aerodynamik


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