Shape recognition

At reverse vending machines installed in retail stores or public areas, usually only certain containers should be taken back. For this purpose, insensiv offers the shape recognition, an intelligent camera system for reliably detecting the shape of beverage containers and determining the container type.

insensiv shape recognition

Recognition technology for reverse vending machines

The shape recognition is an independently operating camera system with homogeneous LED surface illumination for precise analysis of the shape and identification of the container type. It is designed for integration into existing reverse vending machines and can be used to analyze different types of containers such as bottles, cans or cups.

The integrated image processing software determines the input direction of the container and matches its shape with a database. This ensures that a deposit value is only given out for previously defined packages. Therefore, an analysis of the shape can be an important security feature in the context of deposit schemes or recycling initiatives.

The system can be configured to accept also deformed packages. The result of the measurement is transmitted via a serial interface. If necessary, software updates or centrally determined container parameters can be transmitted to different machines via remote maintenance.

insensiv recognition technology for reverse vending machines

Application areas

No matter whether you are planning a recycling initiative or running a deposit system – With the shape recognition, we offer you a solution to make the return process at your reverse vending machine more efficient and secure.

insensiv shape recognition recycling initiatives

Recycling initiatives

You want to provide a smooth recycling experience for your customers and prevent the return of unwanted items? The insensiv shape recognition system allows you to perform a camera-based analysis on each container returned by the customer. This ensures that you can collect materials sorted by type and send them for recycling in a proper way. The system can also be set to accept deformed containers to ensure a flawless process at your reverse vending machine. Let us help you to make your recycling process convenient, efficient and profitable for every stakeholder involved.

insensiv shape recognition deposit schemes

Deposit schemes

National deposit systems are in most cases associated with a high deposit value. To ensure that this deposit value is only given out for valid containers, beverage packaging is marked with various security features. In addition to the verification of barcodes or security signets, the analysis of the container shape can also be an important security feature. By matching shape and barcode, you can minimize the risk of tampering at your reverse vending machine with our proven shape recognition system.

Technical details

• Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 80 mm

• Weight: approx. 400g
• Recognition time < 100 ms
• Database for more than 1.000 shapes
• 24 V DC power supply
• Environment: 5-40° C, 20-80% humidity
• Serial communication interface (RS232)
• Teach-in software for new container shapes

Reliable recognition for maximum security

Distinguishing quickly and reliably between thousands of different containers is complicated. insensiv has more than 15 years of experience with deposit return systems and recycling processes in various markets. We offer a proven solution for the specific requirements of your market.

Our shape recognition systems are based on the principle of identifying a container by means of a camera. This is done by taking a picture of the container and extracting an outline of its shape. This shape is then compared with the shapes stored in a database in order to check the validity based on this comparison.

The accuracy of camera-based shape matching is significantly higher than laser measurement methods, which simply measure the width and length of packages at specific points. Because in order to create an efficient system that offers security and long-term benefits to all stakeholders, the reliable recognition of returned containers is crucial. insensiv supports you in designing deposit systems and recycling of beverage packaging with innovative and sophisticated recognition technology.

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You need more information about our shape recognition? Download the product flyer or contact us directly by mail or phone. We will be glad to help you.