The insensiv PodCopter is a tethered drone for use as a sensor carrier platform. The drone is able to autonomously maintain a predefined position to its take-off and landing platform. The sensor systems can be selected according to individual requirements and can be evaluated in real time.

Cable tethered drone – Unlimited flight time with the PodCopter

The PodCopter uses image processing for permanent and autonomous control and flies in a given position to its platform. It can be used either stationary with a fixed take-off and landing platform or mobile in conjunction with a vehicle.

A power supply via cable allows unlimited flight time. In this way, the PodCopter can be used as a carrier platform for a wide range of sensors over a long period of time.

The PodCopter can be used in combination with all types of commercial vehicles and is therefore very versatile. The cable’s electric winch in integrated into the landing platform and a force sensor serves as overload protection for the drone.


Automated flight process

The position of the copter is determined by a permanent evaluation of camera data in real time. The automated take-off and landing process is ensured by an active LED position pattern on the landing platform. 3D stereo optics are used for collision protection and to detect obstacles such as overhead lines or trees.
The flight process is therefore completely autonomous. The cable length defines the safety zone so that the copter cannot move away from its platform independently and uncontrollably.

Application areas

The possibility of using versatile sensor technology makes the PodCopter adaptable for use in various applications. Depending on the area of application, the drone can be equipped with suitable camera technology, enabling precise image analysis for various tasks.


• Wild animal detection / Thermal imaging camera & RGB camera
• Cutting Edge Detection
• Overload function
• Windrow detection
• Green detection, weed analysis / spectral measurement

Security & Defence

• Securing border areas and perimeter protection
• Monitoring of safety areas e.g. accident sites
• Video surveillance at e.g. events
• Object protection of e.g. security-relevant buildings and infrastructure

Your key benefits:

• Automated take-off, flight and landing procedure
• Automatic positioning to the vehicle while driving
• 100% autonomous flying system
• Individual presetting of position by driver
• Unlimited flight time due to power supply via cable
• Universally applicable for vehicles of all kinds
• Quick-change holder for conversion to other vehicles
• usable sensors: thermal camera, 3D stereo camera, spectral measurement, zoomable cameras



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