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Discover our product portfolio – image processing solutions made in Germany

Our product portfolio includes a wide range of different solutions in the field of image processing systems. The focus of all our products is on the use of intelligent camera systems. The image processing solutions developed by insensiv itself fulfill a wide range of tasks in the areas of recycling / deposit return schemes, production control, safety technology, or UAV technology. In addition, we also offer customer-specific developments to implement your requirements in a customized product.

insensiv products recognition units

Recognition units

insensiv is the leading manufacturer of recognition units used from reverse vending machine manufacturers as an OEM component to verify deposit containers.

insensiv GasflaschenTauschAutomat vollautomatisch Gasflaschen tauschen

Gas exchange machine

The smart solution for exchanging propane gas cylinders. The “GTA” enables you to purchase or exchange all standard gas cylinders in sizes 5, 8 and 11 kg fully automatically.

insensiv products 360° Scan inline inspection

360° Scan

The 360°Scan Inline Inspection System from insensiv is a highspeed camera system for quality control of beverage can and packaging production.

insensiv products reverse vending machines

Reverse vending machines

Customizable solutions for your challenge. We offer you a wide product portfolio in the field of reverse vending machines for Coffee-To-Go cups, beverage bottles, cans, glass bottles and cups.

insensiv products quality assurance units

Quality assurance units

For printing and filling companies, insensiv offers various quality assurance units, e.g. for checking the security markings printed on deposit containers., such as bottles or cans.

insensiv products PodCopter


The cable-tethered drone works as a sensor carrier platform and uses image processing for permanent and autonomous control in a predetermined position relative to the vehicle.

insensiv products shape recognition

Shape recognition

For the field of reusable containers, insensiv offers an innovative camera system for analyzing the bottle shape and thus identifying the container type.

insensiv products CCS Asisst

UAV assisting system

The assistance system for UAV enables flying close to the ground for analysis purposes with an accuracy of less than 10cm.The automatic detection is performed by means of 3D stereo optics.

insensiv products string shot launcher

String Shot Launcher

The String Shot Launcher is a mobile and manually operated compressed-air launching device for the defence of dangerous drones at close range of up to 80 metres.