Reverse vending technology

Discover our products and applications for the field of reverse vending technology. As an image processing expert, we offer you key components for deposit return schemes and recycling initiatives based on intelligent camera systems. Our solutions are developed to be easily integrated into your existing reverse vending machines. We have many years of experience in different markets and provide you with a proven solution for your requirements.

insensiv products recognition units

360° recognition units

insensiv is the leading manufacturer of recognition units for the reliable detection of security features printed on beverage packaging such as barcodes and security signets.

insensiv products shape recognition

Shape recognition

For deposit schemes and recycling initiatives, insensiv has developed an innovative camera system for analyzing the shape of beverage packaging and determining the container type.

insensiv products quality assurance units

Quality assurance units

For printing companies and bottling plants, insensiv offers quality assurance units for the verification of printings, such as security labels used in deposit schemes.