Recognition units for barcodes and
security signets

insensiv is one of the leading manufacturers of key components for reverse vending machines within deposit systems. Our recognition units are able to recognize and evaluate beverage containers from any position during the return process. We equip your reverse vending machine with reliable and innovative camera technology.

insensiv 360° recognition unit

Components for reverse vending machines

Our recognition units have been setting standards in terms of performance and reliability for many years. By using multiple cameras, we provide a 360° viewing angle to analyze beverage containers from any angle when they are returned.

Our systems are designed as ready-to-use OEM technology and can therefore be easily integrated into your existing reverse vending machine. This allows reliable detection and evaluation of security signets and barcodes printed on beverage packaging. In this context, we have been supplying the leading manufacturers of reverse vending machines for the retail with our technology for the verification of deposit containers for several years now.

The insensiv recognition units are used in several deposit return systems throughout Europe, for example in Germany and Denmark. For manufacturers of reverse vending machines, we also offer systems for shape analysis and crate recognition.

Returning deposit containers
insensiv recognition unit for deposit return schemes

Our expertise for deposit systems

History with the establishment of deposit systems

2000: Conceptual design of the security system for the Danish one-way deposit “DRS” (Dansk Retour System)
2002: Introduction of the national deposit on disposable packaging in Denmark
2004 until today: manufacturer of detection units for DRS
2005: Consulting and preparation of the specification of the security system for the “DPG” (Deutsche Pfand Gesellschaft)
2006: Introduction of the one-way deposit in Germany
2006 until today: Manufacturer of core technology for reverse vending machines in Germany

Technical data

• 360° viewing angle due to multiple cameras
• Maximum input speed of 60 m / min
• Dimensions: 495 x 487 x 74 mm (depending on product type)
• Housing open at the bottom to allow residual liquids to drain off
• Power consumption: 24 V DC / 2A
• Container size: 50 – 120 mm diameter
• Integrated tamper protection
• Status messages via Ethernet

Manipulation &

In Germany, beverage containers have a deposit value of €0.25. This amount is usually handed out to the customer in the form of a receipt when a empty bottle or can is returned. The receipt can then be redeemed as a discount at the supermarket checkout. This is sufficient incentive for a fraud attempt to illegally obtain the deposit value.

In order to be able to identify deposit containers correctly, bottles and cans are marked with a barcode and usually also with a deposit logo. These security features are analyzed by the insensiv recognition unit when the containers are returned. Due to the high deposit value, reliable recognition rates are required, which can be guaranteed by our systems. In addition, a shape measurement is carried out by our bottle shape recognition systems as part of the return process.

The precise analysis of each single bottle and can, ensures a maximum security of the deposit system. The intelligent image processing technology of our recognition units also detects any form of attempted manipulation, such as the subsequent withdrawal of beverage containers that have already been entered.

Deposit return scheme security signet & barcode
insensiv recognition of deposit containers


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